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A LEAP OF FAITH   Leave a comment

While cranking up the patio umbrella

Preparing for a brand new day

I found an unexpected friend was waiting there

Oftentimes her message represents

It’s time to take a leap

As was the case when first discovered

For that’s exactly what I did

She posed just long enough for us to get acquainted

Reminding me that I am not alone

And with God’s help we are all equipped

To always find our way

An umbrella for shelter

The ability to forage for our needs and even our desires

To be appreciated by another

And always to be ready

To take a leap of faith



Hello World!   3 comments

What a day!

My mom says I’ll be as big as her someday

But for now I’ll take the shadow she provides

And all that she is teaching

What to avoid and whom to trust

To learn to survive and live to thrive


Today I met a 7th Grader   Leave a comment

With compassion in his touch

He asked, “What happened to your pup?”

His skateboard took a backseat

When he saw her swollen feet

This little boy named Gary

Innocent and humble

Then offered up his number

Available for work

This isolated moment

At the end of an almost summer day

Brought us all as near to God and heaven

As one could ever come


We Are What We Eat   Leave a comment


Where would we be without the ball

A simple rounded shape that changed our civilization

When first discovering the wheel

But some would agree that greater still

Is the invention of the ball


Have a Heart   Leave a comment

Since Adam, and since Eve, so I am told

Is where the covering began — a cover-up we call clothes

We’ve stolen their plumage and called it a fashion

Reworking ourselves according to season

Of course not ever recalling the reason




Best Health Tip Ever   Leave a comment

Hugs for optimal health – multiplied benefits for both the giver and the receiver 😉


We Came from Madagascar – The Lemur –   Leave a comment

We’re living in a sanctuary a continent from home

Where we’re loved and we’re protected before our numbers die

Without co-existence of all life a priority

All that lives one day could be

Subject to extinction – Myakka City, FL


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