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How Much Time Do You Have for Me   3 comments

I can wait

For I am eternity

Waiting for your desire

To spend all of it with Me

Patience is a gift

And I cannot give to you

What is not already all of Me

Open your heart

And your eyes will see

A glimpse of all I have in store for thee

Be prepared to receive My love

In measure so immeasurable

It must overflow to burst upon a hungry, wanting, waiting world

As my messenger you receive

The gift of being my ambassador

You may not see your reward today but do not be forlorn

For hope is ministered through my angels’ hands to feed your soul, to keep you strong

Remember I am faithful

And I am always with you

Waiting, wanting, loving you


Baptism Requires Getting Wet   Leave a comment

In waters deep or shallow

I pray to keep rekindling this truth

To live today and give to You tomorrow

On my own I would drown in a puddle of doubt and sorrow

But with You, my God of all things possible

We can walk on water





Know the truth, the truth that will set us free and keep us free   1 comment

The truth will set you free — Yes indeed … First consider the source — do the research … our very lives and the lives of our posterity depends upon it … Thank you God for the indwelling Spirit of truth and your ever-recognizable love for us that cannot be contained, and only expands when shared — Make me a channel of your peace — a useful, resourceful, ever-seeking, never ceasing, always grateful, citizen of heaven.

Verifying Love   Leave a comment

Oftentimes I find the presence of God most profoundly in the least expected circumstances.

While on a call to register for an exam I’ll soon be taking, the representative, named Reinya, asked me to spell my name — As it is common, he verified the correct spelling with a word universally familiar to represent each letter. (How many times have you done this yourself, right? — I for Idaho, O, for Oscar, Y, for yellow, etc.)

In verifying the last two letters of my last name he said, “L for Love … L for Love …”

“Wow! That was a first,” I thought …

I told him I much I appreciated the association and added, “God bless you!”

He responded. “God bless you too.” 

Although we couldn’t see each other, I know we were both smiling.

I replied, “I don’t know if you believe in Jesus or ascribe to a higher power but I hope you do.”

He answered, “100%!”

At that moment I looked up to the sky and saw that the clouds had parted just enough to form a huge heart of blue … I told him about the clouds and the heart because I could barely believe it — We finished our business, and the conversation ended with a flurry of blessings for one another.

Not wanting to let go of this moment and what felt sacred, my imagination drifted to a day in heaven, where I would meet Reinya, and recall this time of shared faith and the presence of God.



God’s Love for Us   Leave a comment

Your love for me can never be

Greater than Mine for you

But I don’t mind that you try 

To love me greater still

I delight in your desire

You please me when you try

Don’t be dismayed or stutter in your quest

I love you more

And love you best

You are beautiful 

Because you’re mine


Growing Faith   Leave a comment

I pray your faith to rise in me as a relentless mounting tide
And Your Love and Grace to continually wash over me 
That I might forever be, a part of all that is Thee


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Stretching Beyond our Comfort Zone   Leave a comment

How far we can go depends upon how far we are willing to reach –

God will always meet us where our faith takes us – 

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