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Curtain Call   8 comments

Oh Lord I pray to hear your voice when you call

Especially in times when I cannot see you at all

Like a mariner dependent on bearings and instruments

Seeking port on a far and distant shore

Cause my heart to rise above the depths of unknown seas

And in that fleeting moment bask in the brilliance of Your majesty



What to Do with the News   1 comment

So let’s talk about the news

The kind you overhear or what you choose

All is, and all can be

A sacred opportunity for positivity

It is free will to walk according to The Way

To enliven our mind

To open our hearts

To raise up our voice



So, God, I pray

When I hear Your Spirit say

This is your battle to fight

This is your heart to mend

That I will respond humbly encouraged

To gratefully always say YES


Sanctuary   Leave a comment

Faith is believing in what I cannot see
With patience waiting in Spirit’s company
I put my trust in Thee


Productive Waiting   2 comments


While I am waiting I will stay as busy as can be

I’ll stay and wait

Or stand and wait

Or walk then run then sit again

And sleep and eat between

Maybe write a book

Or see a picture I can snap

I’ll take a course

Learn something new

But all the while be waiting

I’ll not forget to pray

And remember to acknowledge

That while I wait I’m not alone

And although I cannot live tomorrow

To hold it in my memory

For tomorrow lives somehow within

Of the promise of what’s to come

While I live this day with gratitude busily awaiting



The Veil is Torn   Leave a comment

Come to know and to expect the Spirit working in quiet wondrous ways

For angels are always in your presence

Be alert and compassionate seeking how to please

You are precious and valued beyond your imagining and in My constant

 loving sight

There is no need to be guarded with Me

For what you try to conceal will only try to steal your soul

My love cannot be borrowed or purchased

It is a free will offering

To be received and returned willingly

By faith you are healed

By grace you live

By mercy you are forgiven

And the scars of your history are healed

By the forgiveness you allow

Broken hearts give sight to the sufferer

For the cost of true compassion is dear

See Me … for I am always here

In seabirds, sunsets, white capped waves

And in the mirror of your self examination



Nothing Hidden   Leave a comment

There is nothing on this earth or in what we call universe or multiverse

Where You are not

Like smoke and embers rising from the fires of an almighty molten core 

Or the mist that covers the earth each new morning born from the waterfall of Your love

Everywhere and in everything You are

The smoke of your fires seep under the sill of my door

Its threshold useless to prevent You

Sitting here, waiting, knowing You are here

You cover me in a blanket warm

Surround me with Your love

Your Spirit a refreshing mist

Bathes me, washes over me

Caught between what is mortal and immortal

I observe the surrendering of self to Thee

Understanding that free will is necessary

To bow in complete surrender

For all that You require

Is a free will offering

Of my love and my desire




Looking Out for One Another   Leave a comment

Sometimes we see eye to eye

And sometimes we do not


But more important is this to know

To always look out for one another


For you to be a better you

And for me to be a better me


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