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Baptism Requires Getting Wet   Leave a comment

In waters deep or shallow

I pray to keep rekindling this truth

To live today and give to You tomorrow

On my own I would drown in a puddle of doubt and sorrow

But with You, my God of all things possible

We can walk on water





Peace in What’s Inevitable   Leave a comment

Parting with desired outcomes

Making peace with what is

Not with what should be

According to me

According to many

According to millions

Power in numbers

Is not nearly as great

And never will equal

The Power of God

Our Sovereign Lord

The Lover, Creator, and Leader of All







A Force of Nature   2 comments

From a pine-covered sanctuary under thunderous rolling rumbling skies I see

The moving waters forceful press against the reeds

Surrendering to the mounting steady breeze

The wildlife has disappeared

Wing-ed ones no more in flight

And earthbound creatures shiver in the shadows of their cover

In the west the skies a luminescent azure blue

Face the drape of a dark gray curtain closing

A butterfly erratically in motion

Life threatened by the coming rain

To it, one drop, a murderous moist-filled boulder

Everything on earth is good

Except when confronted with extremes

The storms … they seem to be

The mirror of our pain, and our affliction

Yet clearing quiet summer skies

Adorned by sun-swept radiant clouds

Pronounce with vibrant vigor our Creator’s majesty

Over all this world’s temporal adversity



Sticking Close   Leave a comment

Oh God, why do I stray

When I know You always know the way

Leading to peace, and joy, and life

The source of strength for challenges unknown

The days of infancy are frail and vulnerable

And cannot be made alone

Now grown am I and need You still

And desire You even more

Knowing that without You near

I am still so frail and vulnerable



Elements   Leave a comment

Oh God, your love, like water and light

Essential for survival

Search me out and purge all doubt

To prove at last, that darkness has no power




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