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God Thank you for the Further Proof of Your Existence   Leave a comment

For every living creature I have loved still is loved

Growing greater with every remembrance

May it be with Your love in me to deeply love all near to me

I pray to hold one another in the highest esteem

And when challenged by self-righteous judgment to first look in the mirror

For the prison bars of grievances to have no power

Over love that can never be hidden from your eyes

I claim this day to walk with You

To take time to embrace the beauty that can always be found when sought

For You who lives in each of us is always near

Exposing truth, expressing love, in both the obvious and sometimes mysterious

For your ways may be impervious to knowing

But we know without a doubt when You’ve been here


God’s Love for Us   Leave a comment

Your love for me can never be

Greater than Mine for you

But I don’t mind that you try 

To love me greater still

I delight in your desire

You please me when you try

Don’t be dismayed or stutter in your quest

I love you more

And love you best

You are beautiful 

Because you’re mine


For God So Loved the World   Leave a comment


For God So Loved the World that He gave His only Begotten Son — So that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life — John 3:16

Thank you God, Creator of All, that You did not stop there — but in addition, in spite of ourselves, for you know our shortcomings, continue to give, and to love us more than we could imagine — You only ask that we let You in … and to believe — and then without hesitation or prompting, our only response can be to love you wholeheartedly in return for that is all we have — for now we know that love is the greatest treasure.


A Power Greater   3 comments

FBClouds copyEvery heart longs for love 

And desires Your approval

Yet mortality makes worthiness sometimes seem so out of reach

How can You entrust us with so much

And how can we forget Your love

And Your unfailing acceptance 

In all things You have made us

More than conquerors, You have made us

Although at times enslaved by worldly thoughts 

Ideas wrought my man and not by Spirit

Help us please to grasp the Sword of Your Spirit

That slays phantom dragons and shatters lies that no longer can consume us

Arm us to protect new seeds to grow in Your love and in Your light

One with You, worthy of kinship, and joint heirs with Jesus Christ



No Shame    Leave a comment

Shed feathers remind me that we are the only creatures that need to be covered – and that my life work has been to get to the place where I can stand naked before my Creator and have no shame – in thanks for God’s grace and love – and forgiveness –  

Independence Day 2015   Leave a comment

So much to celebrate — You’re free to be you, and I’m free to be me — with my loving family — Grateful to be living in this place, on this day, and in this age. FB

Birds of a Feather Do Not Always Flock Together   Leave a comment

Nature often is the greater teacher

To live and let live

To love and be loved 

No matter who we are or how we may appear 


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