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What would Life be Like if All I asked for was to be Grateful   Leave a comment

I believe the lens in which I view my life would suddenly become clear


And all the colors of the earth and sky would multiply their hue


Mercy would be a welcome gift I would come to understand


For I would love more deeply those not as fortunate as I


And I would always see the beauty in each friend and passerby




What We Leave Behind   Leave a comment

Generations have come and gone

String quartets and barbecues

She received them all

Weddings, writers, and one-nighters

She knows their secrets well

No wonder when one enters here

They’re unknowingly enchanted by her spell

The robins know just what to do

The partridge couples up to coo

The squirrels and coons all take their place

Our Spirit will forever be

A part of what’s now history


Doreen Birdsell

ByeBye copy

Cape Cod Wintry Days   Leave a comment

Inn at Cook Street in any Season 
A Good Reason to be in Ptown 
Wherever you are, be Blessed, stay Hopeful
With many Reasons to be Grateful



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