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Imagination is the best way to travel 

And humility is the highway to heaven


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Whatever your dreams are – plant them and they will grow.  Oftentimes, not the way you had first perceived them – but not living a dream is denying yourself and others as to what is possible.


Circa 1984 – Film to tape transfer (thousands of miles of it) – This is how I counted my sober days in the beginning, and the frames – In business with Gemma (aka Carol) Tummolo – Spectrum Light Productions – Film to tape transfer – There was only one other company doing this back in the day when there wasn’t even a yellow pages heading in the NYC phone book for Video –  (The only local information resource at the time;) – I had said one day while basking on the beach at Riis Park in Far Rockaway, NY – Hey Carol – You’re a film editor and I’m a photographer – That equals video…don’t you think? 😉 –



circa 1984

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