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A Couple of Firsts   Leave a comment

One of my first instructors in photography taught me that the eye will always be drawn to the light in the image.

That struck me as profound and still does even more so today – Whether conscious or not, light is what we seek and what inwardly we know is life.

For me, God is my light, God is love, and has provided a promised path to follow –

Another first — When I heard this scripture in my first formal study of scripture from Genesis to Revelation – it literally burned into my heart, and the heart of my memory.

Proverbs – 3:5,6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways – acknowledge Him – and He will direct your paths.

That path is the light and love of God that each day I must commit to follow anew. I sometimes don’t know where it will lead but I trust in the Lord with all my heart to follow — For me the alternative would be living in the shadows with fear and doubt.

I love God, I love light, and yes, I love, and am grateful for the gift of photography — to continue to search for the light and live it through pictures, and with words to magnify God’s presence, I pray.


Lunch Break   Leave a comment

Striking a balance between work and play

Will always make for a better day


Seeing Clearly   Leave a comment

We bend your light and strip the color

And blur the good You have created

When what we see, or what we do

Is not measured by Your love


Thank you God,  for Your love that overflows

And that all are invited to be refreshed and be renewed




Releasing Potential   Leave a comment

When we’re willing to go to any lengths

There’s no telling how far that can be until we try

The other option is to sit idle and wonder, and wait to die



Any Lengths

Hungry for Change   Leave a comment

Last week when my struggling-to-get-ahead nephew asked me for advice, I recommended this book, The Greatest Salesman, by Og Mandino. I had read it in the early 80s and to this day, the author’s life-changing messages still remain with me.

My nephew’s appetite for changing his circumstances was so voracious that he digested the book almost overnight. He asked if I had any other advice and I recommended reading The Greatest Miracle by the same author.

Today I sat across from a car salesman whom my partner Lisa was dealing with to potentially make a purchase. On his desk was the same book. I haven’t seen a copy of this book anywhere in years.

I had to take his picture and tell him the story about my nephew. Deranty, the car salesman, asked me to write down the name of the book that I suggested my nephew should read as a follow-up, so he too could continue to reap more benefits.

I love hungry people. Hungry for change… Hungry to be better… The seekers… This is how I see the world becoming a better place… And how I see the Spirit demonstrating the evidence of God at work.



Saying good-bye — Sold but not gone ;)   Leave a comment

We have had eight amazing years being hosts and making memories with so many who have become friends that we will never forget. 

We came to Provincetown with a dream and a vision to make a life transition to become Innkeepers; now after eight years we are moving into a new vision. We have sold the Inn at Cook Street but you can still find us this coming season here in Provincetown.

We are so excited to share our new journey with you.  Doreen will be continuing in her career as a professional photographer, and now also a poet, and inspirational speaker, with her published book. You can continue to visit this blog for photography and poetry and for a preview of her book, as well as for all photography galleries.

In 2011 Lisa founded Triangle Tea Life, an organic/artisan loose-leaf tea company. The Inn gave her a platform to share the amazing health benefits of tea as well as her passion to help elephants and stop the ivory trade. You can visit her website at

We are combining our gifts and products to sell in our new store ~ Get Loose in Ptown ~ Tea Gallery ~ on Standish Street right off Commercial Street in the center of town.


 With grateful hearts, Doreen & Lisa Ph 508 487-3894


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