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Things are Looking Up   Leave a comment

You can float — And you can fly

And even walk if the ground is dry

Your very presence offers me

Reminders of endless possibilities




What a Difference a Day Makes – Yesterday a Hospital, Today …   4 comments

From my bedroom window I witness the dawn of a new day

And am a very grateful recovering soul

Having experienced  the richness of overwhelming love and support

Enough, it seems, could light the entire world



Seize the Day   2 comments

Waking before daybreak 

A witness to the quiet

Available without

Collecting as much of it as possible

To live the day throughout



The Heavens Have Had a Very Good Cry   Leave a comment

The heavens have had a very good cry

What first appeared to be a storm

Was Spirit’s wind rush tunneling through the skies

Pouring forth to cleanse the air for all of us

Who depend on her for our very breath



Sundays   Leave a comment

There is no other day in seven

That speaks as soft as Sundays

Spirit paints with clouds and summons breeze

To present a glimpse of heaven



It’s Raining Tears   2 comments

How different the world would be

If we controlled our temper

And not our tears


Birds of a Feather Do Not Always Flock Together   Leave a comment

Nature often is the greater teacher

To live and let live

To love and be loved 

No matter who we are or how we may appear 


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