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Flight   1 comment

Flying in a metal bird

Made from man’s imagination

All this effort and ingenuity

To get from here to there

For years of countless generations

This has been a burning quest

Requiring time and talent and much unrest

To first believe then achieve a skyward peopled flight

I propose that this has been disguised and often unidentified

This inner knowing, constant yearning, mental churning

Desire to attain an ultimate and evident closeness to the Heavens

To be nearer to our home

Oh foolish generation

Who knows not God as Love

A commuter-ship to Mars and back still would leave a desert gap

If not navigated by the Spirit

Making heaven home the mark

By pleasing our Creator

With love for one another

Is a worthy goal and an unparalleled destination



Knowing Where My Home Lies   2 comments

How happiness can be curtailed

By the sudden notion of its temporariness

How families once united must each go their own way

That nothing in this world can stay

In any sort of constant state

Oh grievous heart now heavy sinks

When all at once acknowledging

This is not my home

Do not here relax and think

That this is all there is

Oh God with strings from heaven

Lift my heart to Thee

Where angels sing and love and joy is born anew in each and every moment

Where eyes are fixed on only You

For this is why I know

That to You my heart belongs

And for You, I live a foreigner

On this plain till work is done

With love to give me breath each day to carry on


If I Could Fly   Leave a comment

If I could fly to the sun 

I would wing my way and never return

In the center there I know would be

The heart of God that waits for me

But too soon it is for this ascent

I’ll settle instead for the daystar rising

And be thankful for the knowledge of

The immeasurable depth and breadth of my Creator’s love


FBFly Away

Lead Me   Leave a comment

Thank You for a starting point

That leads me to I know not where

Something born inside assures me You are there

To give me strength to follow






Mr. Cook   Leave a comment



How is it that this little scruffy ball of fur

So silent in his stride

Found his way into so many hearts

With no need to even try


Thank you Mr. Cook for giving us a home in your heart — Until one day we meet again – 


Mr Cook

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Angels Wings   Leave a comment

One day free from pull of earth

Dependence on each drop of dew

My inner thirst and longing

Dreams of flying home to Thee





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