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Representing Placid Waters   Leave a comment

I believe that peace is a choice 

Some things are worth fighting for 

Like defending the voiceless and the young

But the majority of the time my thoughts can be wasted

On things that have not even been done

But only conjured by a worrisome idea

May faith be the blanket that shields me from ill thoughts

To be a beacon for the one who’s seeking shelter

A place to find true rest  


With More than Words can Adequately Express to be Thankful For   Leave a comment

This image of Provincetown Harbor is one of my favorites. Taken just after sunrise on a not too long ago, jeweled September morning — Apropos for this Thanksgiving Day; the place where the Pilgrims first landed. Provincetown has been an inspiration to me and countless others all those years since the Mayflower made its way to its shore. There is an engraved plaque in the woodland near Pilgrim Heights that stands next to a babbling brook to mark the spot where the first settlers at last, finally found fresh drinking water. The plaque reads “…. And they were heartily glad” — The scene I picture is these ragged travel worn settlers on their knees refreshed and renewed by  their life-giving drink and saying in their heartily glad words…Thank you God! 😉

My prayer of thanks for this day:

 Lord You refresh my faith

And make me new, day by day

Each day different than the next

Thank you that You are here to lean upon

A place of endless rest

Oh why do I waver so

And worry endlessly

When you, at the right time, answer my prayers constantly

Refashioning my doubt and fears

To become tools to help another

I see this all so clear in hindsight

So I thank you God for your grace

You who are here and now, and promise life forever

You whose hand has formed me

First from earth’s soil, to be born in body and soul

Your miracles and love are never ending

And You remain a constant source of strength

Like rushing mountain water falling

You soothe my soul in darkened days of wavering faith

Preparing me to be born yet again like a new sun rising

Feeding me with hope anew




We Are Not Alone   3 comments

Have you ever had a startling wake-up because you were blinded by self-absorption? Every life is sacred – Every creature deserves our Love and Care – Opportunity is everywhere to experience the gift of compassion, and to get out of ourselves — And don’t be surprised if you become more likable in the process … by yourself and by others too 😉

Don’t miss out on what may be your simple golden opportunity – You may be amazed to see how God blesses the giver — It’s simple — It’s love, and it’s caring — Don’t wait for the wake-up call — This is a gentle nudge … “Time to waaaake-up” … if you haven’t already — And for those of you who have — I know you’ll enjoy the story 😉

PS – I was once asleep for a long, long time — and sometimes I can still doze off if I don’t remain vigilant — Proof, that it’s never too late to make a difference –

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