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Here and Now   Leave a comment

An unplanned life is like leaving home and not knowing which way to turn


Without the willingness to learn how could we ever grow or change


Or even dare to consider that life could be an exciting adventure


No matter what the cost all could be lost without the openness to receive all the love and unexpected gifts that God’s gifts of nature always offer


Turning what many see as mundane to a supernatural experience


Open my eyes oh Lord and pour in your love and enlightenment


I implore you to seek my heart to explore


Find me here and take me where


Only Your guiding hand can lead


To prosper and not cause harm


Fill each cell with brimming faith


If only fear and doubt is my enemy


And you have overcome all adversity


Then take this life You have freely given


That I may return it to You with love and with commitment


With all my fears and doubts that are only momentary


Your promises are true and heaven is not a dream in some unexpected tomorrow


But with You, heaven is here and now



God Raise Me to Your Eternal Joy   Leave a comment

With thanks I lift my heart to You

To know the unexpected

Amazed by what I see

In my heart where your eyes see

Today friends in love unite

Surrounded by your presence

The flora bouquet of Your delights

Alive with more I pray each day



Sanctuary   Leave a comment

Faith is believing in what I cannot see
With patience waiting in Spirit’s company
I put my trust in Thee


Standing Strong   Leave a comment


In a world of psychological blight

When fear and doubt obstruct our sight

Foundations crack to rock us to the core

Shaken yet not overtaken


Never can we ever lose our grip

Engraved in each of us the promised hope

No matter what the world can hurl at us

The truth still stands and will remain


This life is dust; this world a passing vapor

As day winds down and life’s years taper

Take up the banner; embrace the fact

That Jesus Christ is coming back


Don’t take my word; see for yourself

Invest in what cannot be corrupted

A promise of peace uninterrupted

Assurance of faith and love upon which we can rely


Faith is believing in what you cannot yet see

I know you know that only fools are mystified

The disease of more, false hopes, and temporal bliss

Try to cloud the minds of  poor souls who might miss

The Spirit’s call of heavenly angels in our midst

We know better — Yes we do

Love was, love is, and always will

Conquer every ail, and in Christ, eternally prevail






Dux in a Reaux   2 comments

Thank you God for nature 

That models what to do

When things are in good order

Chaos falls away

Peace returns, and calm prevails

If only for a while 

I’ll remember what it’s like

To know that I can live in harmony

And choose a better life




Evening   Leave a comment

Evening comes and takes with it activity, and color, and conversation too

And leaves me with a quietness accompanied by the Spirit sense

The dim begins to blanket earth, and soul, and memory

And beckons me to rest

Oh God I pray to always honor You 

And  find You even in my dreams









A Free Bird   Leave a comment

If our hearts were made of brick the mortar would be tears


Life demands nothing less than to dissolve our hardened hearts


To free us from these pain-filled walls

With each tear shed, another brick falls


Unable to withstand the Spirit’s call

This stony heart, is now a veil of Sacred tears


The angels enter to do the Spirit’s work

With firm resolve by God’s commission

Their promise is to never leave

By free will, that gift from God

The Spirit’s treasures are released


Tears still are shed, but now are shared

A salty pool of mixed emotions

Some days in pain, but most in joy

Assured that we are not alone

And the work we do, is not in vain




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