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It is Always Now   5 comments

I pray here now to declare

Your presence ever vibrant here

To speak aloud Your glories

In the eyes that meet You in the mirror of Your creation

To not absorb my self with self

But rather selflessly release

Free will to become one with Yours

Harness thoughts that seek an unknown future

Speed the track from past to present

Memories that shackle when dwelt upon too long

Or living in an impossible tomorrow

In an air that only You can breathe

Bring me back to this moment

Where I can be of love and service to live in full expression

Like a flower blooming on the vine

Never minding fate of wilting, falling

Back to earth then heavenward where the journey never ends

While still unfurling petals grow to magnify its beauty

With nature all surrounding giving homage to You near


Peace in What’s Inevitable   Leave a comment

Parting with desired outcomes

Making peace with what is

Not with what should be

According to me

According to many

According to millions

Power in numbers

Is not nearly as great

And never will equal

The Power of God

Our Sovereign Lord

The Lover, Creator, and Leader of All







In the Beginning   Leave a comment

Yea, the heavens declare the glory of God

And from heaven came every creature formed

From the artistry of divine intention


God, You’ve Given Us So Much to Work With   Leave a comment

First we prepare, and then we plant

Seeking an opportunity each day to grow

Recreating Your work of art

With an infinite palette of choices

Our faith with works illuminates the path to You




The Power of Prayer   Leave a comment

Never discount the power of prayers

Invisible and lighter than air

They sustain the weight of all the world’s woes

Carried by Angels in Spiritual Satchels to be opened by the King


Upon the shoulders of our Creator these prayers rest

Not unanswered, or ignored

Time as we know time is not ours yet to fathom


Prayers like letters to Her Majesty

Some sealed by love; some by despair


Questions…There are many

Praise and worship, fills the satchels too

Yet spilling over are the prayers of souls who seek relief; that outnumber all the others


Tapping the storehouse of trust and faith in what will be

Pain and death still remains, a mystery




Power of Prayer

I Am a Classic   Leave a comment

I know you’ll soon be coming

You will most likely expect me to be waiting here

I hope you know that I have missed you

I’m wondering if you are near


I’ve seen you, heard you, touched you

Often catching the other by surprise

Then next I knew, you were saying your good-byes

While imbedded in my heart were the memories we had made


You hid me in your rooms

Like a child disobeying rules

Under quilted covers playing games

Your love had made me tame


You’ll not find your waiting furry friend

When next you come to stay

But let that please not hinder you

For my Spirit still remains



Looking Forward to Looking Back   Leave a comment

The greatest asset I can claim

Is faith in what’s to come

It cost me nothing to achieve

All it took was to believe

In Christ’s life that gave me mine




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