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Productive Waiting   2 comments


While I am waiting I will stay as busy as can be

I’ll stay and wait

Or stand and wait

Or walk then run then sit again

And sleep and eat between

Maybe write a book

Or see a picture I can snap

I’ll take a course

Learn something new

But all the while be waiting

I’ll not forget to pray

And remember to acknowledge

That while I wait I’m not alone

And although I cannot live tomorrow

To hold it in my memory

For tomorrow lives somehow within

Of the promise of what’s to come

While I live this day with gratitude busily awaiting



A LEAP OF FAITH   Leave a comment

While cranking up the patio umbrella

Preparing for a brand new day

I found an unexpected friend was waiting there

Oftentimes her message represents

It’s time to take a leap

As was the case when first discovered

For that’s exactly what I did

She posed just long enough for us to get acquainted

Reminding me that I am not alone

And with God’s help we are all equipped

To always find our way

An umbrella for shelter

The ability to forage for our needs and even our desires

To be appreciated by another

And always to be ready

To take a leap of faith



An Open Invitation   Leave a comment

Leave your calendar open daily with room aplenty for God to enter in

To find at day’s end  your slumber laced with  peace filled recollections of the Spirit’s encounters that are undoubtedly uniquely yours 


Starting Young   Leave a comment

Sometimes it’s a vision … perhaps just a glimpse

Or having our senses incited by a whiff

Instilling what our future holds

Depends so much upon the world that we let in

Steeped in choices percolating new ideas

Stirs us deeply in our souls

To share with one another all the good that we behold






Things are Looking Up   Leave a comment

You can float — And you can fly

And even walk if the ground is dry

Your very presence offers me

Reminders of endless possibilities




Looking Up   Leave a comment

I don’t know what the day will hold

But I know that God will hold me through the day




Now is All We Have   2 comments

Yesterday was but a dream

Feasting on the weather

Taking rest and deep breaths under a southern golden sun

A polo match in the distance 

Ponies in their paddocks taking ease

Sharing nature with her best

Freezing images for this day to be easily recalled


Then suddenly without warning

Reality was rearranged

Our rescue pup, who has already suffered far too much

Went into anaphylactic shock


It is not what suddenly occurs

But how we choose to respond

Is what matters all the more


Racing to a frantically found local ER

Her very life seemed quickly fading

Vets and skillful techs answered well their call


Today with rest and comfort 

Grateful for life and all its earthly temporary preciousness

Clinging to all that is good

I say, Yes God … Yes I know

And I truly do believe in life eternal with Thee for all

But in this day, and in this moment now, I am so grateful for

Our family still on earth with us in tact




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