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Worship is Often Involuntary   Leave a comment

Never are you hidden my view

Yet to face you squarely

Stand before You

Unashamed in Your radiant light

Overwhelmed and undeserving

Worthy only through Your calling

To adore You and implore You

From this place that I have fallen

Here before You on my knees



God’s presence is both amazing and utterly humbling   2 comments

I walked outside my door tonight before the light was past

With camera in hand, and hope for what I’d find

But right outside the door these paper like majestic blooms caught me by surprise

Not one, but two that I might not miss

That what I seek is right before my eyes




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Imagination is the best way to travel 

And humility is the highway to heaven


Solo   Leave a comment

I pray to always have the eyes of my heart open to You

To know that it is You

You, who answers thoughts that have not yet born words

My Spirit bears witness to Your presence

When suddenly, always suddenly You appear





I’m not there yet … but I know God is both here with me now on this undecided shore, and at the same time faithfully watching and waiting for me in that place of victory where I soon hope to be …   Leave a comment


Victory may be a stone’s throw away

But first we have to pick up the stone, and then throw it…


Measuring the distance between here and a successful outcome …

Nothing happens in this lifetime without our participation

First we see – focus on our vision

How long … Set the clock

Execute … Faith with Works


We’re not done yet — Most important, is not what we receive, but what we give – This is the fruit of our labor as well…




In All Things Be Thankful  – For this is the will of God concerning us …  1 Thessalonians 5:1

Stone's ThrowSigned

When Hardships are Really a Blessing   Leave a comment

Got home late this afternoon in CT. It was forty degrees in the house.  Heat had gone off…Who knows when?  We had been gone for five days.

Thank God nothing froze except us waiting for the house to warm up. I have great compassion tonight for those who have no home and whose best means of staying warm is next to an open fire on a cold winter’s night.

How blessed are we to flip a switch and have a fire – to turn a faucet and draw a hot bath – and know the situation is only temporary – A hot dinner, a cup of licorice rooibos, and five hours later we’re up to 68 degrees – Humble and most grateful this cold winter’s night –



It’s All Good when It’s All for God   2 comments

Hell – Striving to better than; comparing to someone or something else – Thinking, “I am not good enough”

Heaven – Being the best for God; knowing that tomorrow’s best may be better than today’s – And believing that it is all good, when it’s all for God






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