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Growing Home   3 comments

An infant wiggly wide-eyed wanderer

Innocence in a world of wonder

Knowing only love and momma kisses

Growing in my body

Conversely shrinking in my soul

When momma kisses were no more

Through self-inflicted tragedies and flirtations with life’s end

The turn around was just beyond the bend

When an unexpected occurrence in my heart began

Jesus was introduced as my Savior and my friend

Astounded by this newfound love

A gift from God our Father-Mother from above

How to live expecting the miracle each new day can bring

To never again be alone

To live to love

Each day getting closer … while I’m growing home



Staying Plugged In   Leave a comment

Whatever your method

Books, church, temple, mosque, or prayer

Wherever, whenever, and however we seek Him

He will always be there 




This World is Not My Home   3 comments

In anxiousness I twitch and flinch

I shake a leg, not as a metaphor

Impatient waiting for I know not what

Meditate, relax, and breathe

Words that offer little ease

The present becomes difficult

When subconscious projects peace of mind existing only in the future

Concluding that desired outcomes

Offer sure security

The truth, God’s word, and Spirit’s presence

Is food for mind and heart and soul

Without these three I would only be

A vacuous worldly prop

So when I twitch and flinch

And become so discontent

Remind me God that this place

Is just a temporary earthly tent




When We Least Expect It   Leave a comment

I ask God so very often to make the Spirit’s presence evident in my life — some how…in some way.


Then when I least expect it something happens – like a rainbow – No matter how often we see one – we stop whatever we are doing to take it in, and we’ll even prompt a stranger to look up.  It doubles our delight to share.


The other day – for some unknown reason – I became curious about the history of “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”  I once heard that  it was a nursery rhyme in disguise about Jesus. My web search revealed much controversy with no definitiveness about its origins or the symbolism of Jesus, the lamb, and Mary, his mother.


Later that afternoon, after a spontaneous visit to Newport, RI, I came upon a farm that conserves unique breeds like this gentle and soulful Dorset Horn sheep from Britain.  Perhaps “Mary Had a Little Lamb” wasn’t intended to be about Jesus — but it led me to the evidence of the Spirit’s presence that day.




The vision of this creature  

Astounding as any rainbow ever seen


The presence of my Savior

In so many forms for me





Looking Forward to Looking Back   Leave a comment

The greatest asset I can claim

Is faith in what’s to come

It cost me nothing to achieve

All it took was to believe

In Christ’s life that gave me mine




Answers to Prayers   Leave a comment

“If you are in Me; and My words are in you; ask what you will and it shall be done”

I considered these words carefully today and felt that I had finally understood its meaning –

The words that I would ask of God would be God’s words in me –


Live with Expectancy   Leave a comment

You think, how out of nowhere our paths cross

When really, we are living side by side

When you finally notice me

Why are you always so surprised





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