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God Raise Me to Your Eternal Joy   Leave a comment

With thanks I lift my heart to You

To know the unexpected

Amazed by what I see

In my heart where your eyes see

Today friends in love unite

Surrounded by your presence

The flora bouquet of Your delights

Alive with more I pray each day



New Day   3 comments

God help us with our addiction to news

And also those who’d rather snooze denying what’s apparent

Finding joy and peace and happiness

Is truly a treasure hunt

Worth the seeking and the finding

For You exist even amidst the rubble

Of what we call our troubles

There You are and have always been

Not seeking You is the only sin

For once we do discover You

Doubt and fears become dismissed

Replaced by faith to open hearts that reveal Your Majesty



Now   Leave a comment

To each his and her own separate, together with, distinct and so defined, in rhythm with the moment … the moment that is nowAttachment-1

To Be Free   Leave a comment

The rain effects us all

For some it’s joy and others sorrow

Rain produces crops but also mold

Life goes on and yet I know

To live with God in mind and heart

Promises a life beyond what one ever could imagine

Ps – After our photo session this little guy found his way back to the garden and to freedom 😉


Everything’s A OK   1 comment

Joy is a gift that sometimes we must seek

A trip to the beach

Or a trip within 

To put sunshine on our soul each day


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It’s Free   Leave a comment

Why shouldn’t we 

Why couldn’t we

Kick fear to the curb

Strip away self judgement

And wear our soul for clothes

Let the Spirit have her way

Lighten up, up, up and fly away




Equality for All – Love is a Waterfall   Leave a comment

Love can never be kept down for long

Like water seeking relief

She will find her way 

And one day soon 

All will be as it once was meant to be




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