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The Unexpected   2 comments

– The Unexpected –
Sometimes things just don’t add up
Other times things reconcile to a tee
Most important is not to make
Perfectionism an idol
Letting go and letting God
Doesn’t mean to not have a care in this Divine process
But rather to trust and be the best steward that I can be
For with the God who loves us more than we could know
Miracles are possible and visible every day
I thank you God for your eyes constantly upon me
And all Your beloved creation
All is known by You and nothing can be hidden
Take from me I pray, anything that would obstruct
The good purpose that You’ve planned
In my mind choices are preconceived as doors number one, two, or three
But by letting go and letting God
Leaves room on my plate for more
Because with You there’s always that unanticipated door number four
God is so much bigger than anything the world can do
I hear your gentle whisper, ‘I am here; and I am loving you’

Breaking the Dam of Fear and Doubt   Leave a comment

Prayers unanswered do not mean “no”

But when God says yes

It’s time to trust

The stream will flow

When we let go





On the Right Track   Leave a comment

Oh God I’m holding on to you
White letting go of fear
Faith in You keeps us all on the right track



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