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An Act of Faith   Leave a comment

Some hang on for dear life

For others, it is just a part of their life

But when what is most desired is in sight

To achieve it we must at times, completely and simply 

Release, and Let Go 


Appetizers   Leave a comment

Fear keeps us in her grip

And sharing seems impossible

Regardless of how much we’ve stored

It will never be enough

If faith is not the entreé



Breaking the Dam of Fear and Doubt   Leave a comment

Prayers unanswered do not mean “no”

But when God says yes

It’s time to trust

The stream will flow

When we let go





The Spur of the Moment   Leave a comment

I love people that pose for the camera –

Especially my friends that aren’t shy – conscious of self – or stop to ask why –

I don’t know why some rather turn away, but those that don’t, really make my day.

To capture their moment of joy always doubles mine. 




They say, Action is the Magic Word   Leave a comment

When you’re not getting what you want

Get busy doing something else




Changes are Necessary and Unavoidable – We change with every breath – Resistance would suffocate the body and the soul —   2 comments


We must always live with letting go and trusting that the next thing to grab onto will be better than what we have just released. Hope makes the heart stronger, and with faith, its choice, wiser – 







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