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It is Always Now   5 comments

I pray here now to declare

Your presence ever vibrant here

To speak aloud Your glories

In the eyes that meet You in the mirror of Your creation

To not absorb my self with self

But rather selflessly release

Free will to become one with Yours

Harness thoughts that seek an unknown future

Speed the track from past to present

Memories that shackle when dwelt upon too long

Or living in an impossible tomorrow

In an air that only You can breathe

Bring me back to this moment

Where I can be of love and service to live in full expression

Like a flower blooming on the vine

Never minding fate of wilting, falling

Back to earth then heavenward where the journey never ends

While still unfurling petals grow to magnify its beauty

With nature all surrounding giving homage to You near


Equality for All – Love is a Waterfall   Leave a comment

Love can never be kept down for long

Like water seeking relief

She will find her way 

And one day soon 

All will be as it once was meant to be




Turning Things Around   Leave a comment

My early beginnings led to the gutter

But the seed of the Spirit was planted, not buried

To witness life now from a miraculous perspective



FBTurning Things Around

The Heart of Life   Leave a comment

Sustaining sun

Light of love

Burning bright her golden heart

With gratitude reborn


How soon will summer bring

Her new day song

And how soon will we forget

The end of winter

The birth of spring


And that no matter what

New life, like unexpected love will come

To conquer and to thrive






Fishing for Answers   Leave a comment

I saw a man pull a fish from the water today

Watching it dangle from the hook, gills gasping for air

My heart grasping for answers


The fishermen and fisher-boys grinned with delight

And I wondered if that would be their dinner tonight

Or will its life be lost in vain to entertain


But then I realized what was really the matter

This is how my own life is sustained

Something always gives up its life for me to live

Echoing the truth of what my Savior did


I prayed for the fish and held fast to faith

That all creation for eternity lives

What I see with mortal eyes is just an illusion

Unable to perceive the soul in transition





Life is not a Test we have to Pass   Leave a comment

Often I hear death referred to as someone passing away


That sounds almost like cheating on a test or studying barely enough to simply pass

Living life to just get by would be like dying in advance


When finally I leave this world

I pray that something of my life would last

To offer hope that the life to come is really worth dying for 




Transformations   Leave a comment

The snow it’s melting not

Instead it’s giving all its got

Dying on the inside

Melting on the outside

Frozen fast

Protected not

The sun a steady blast

Its life; it cannot last

It’s raining snowfall tears




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