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Slowing Down   Leave a comment

The train has left the station — but my mind, that is speeding forth on a faster track, has already arrived at its predetermined destination — Unable to recount where I have been the rationale disguised as truth insists — “What you’ve missed is worth the price to get where you are going.” 


It requires a necessary discipline, halting tracks to slowing down — To reconnect with the source of life, that in its disregarded elegance seems to beg for my attention. How could I give Creator and creation praise … blinded sometimes by my own intentions?

I wind down, breathless and amazed … as though it is a first. This free, most precious gift exciting senses, calming soul with Spirit’s peace — bares a beauty that abounds with seeds for endless blooming.


Soul’s Need to be Nourished   Leave a comment

Acknowledging the free gifts awaiting to be recognized
Mirror a wanting soul’s thirst to be satisfied



Looking Without Seeing   Leave a comment

The gift of sight can suddenly be blinded by

Thoughts of what has been or what will be

Or pondering on whys; shadowing what’s now

Oh Lord I pray to keep the gift of what is present

Before upon reflection the present turns to past

And my soul becomes a hollow

Open my eyes, my heart to see

Each moment with You contains eternity






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