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Living With Nature   Leave a comment

There were bulls and calves and mothers of calves jumping like puppies when a trailer overflowing with rolls of hay pulled up to the gate.

One of the proud and muscular bulls stood not far off on a hill watching, waiting, wise, protective, wary for all that he has seen – All that’s gone before in his still unsure, all enclosed, forever-dependent life.

A smile wide with joy inside soon was stung by sorrow… Surrounded by town-homes and billboards of new homes coming; a strip mall in the distance – How long before this scene and all of its inhabitants soon shall be no more.

Tears that follow  joy are steady streams transporting the Spirit, released through love, ever resident in our heart.




Today I met a 7th Grader   Leave a comment

With compassion in his touch

He asked, “What happened to your pup?”

His skateboard took a backseat

When he saw her swollen feet

This little boy named Gary

Innocent and humble

Then offered up his number

Available for work

This isolated moment

At the end of an almost summer day

Brought us all as near to God and heaven

As one could ever come


God Blesses the Giver   Leave a comment

Practice your gifts

For they are meant to be expressed, and then to be shared


Treasures become more valuable when others can see their beauty and their usefulness


The Life-giver is magnified, when acknowledged with gratitude, as the source


And in turn we are doubly blessed


Meet Mia —
The painting in the background is Mia with her brother Bruno — Gemma, Mia’s mom, told me the painting was done by her very talented sister and artist, Bobby Tummolo and that it was inspired by a photo that I had taken of the sibling duo. — Perhaps this new photo will inspire another painting — I call this, “Mia on Mia”

Mia on Mia with Bruno

We Both Had a Ball   2 comments

I have reflected on this moment more times than I can count — 

It was like living out a Norman Rockwell scene.

Angel had special needs because she could not undo the damage inflicted on her as an abused pitbull because of the cruelty of others. We had to always be careful that where we walked her would be the least likely place to find other dogs – So, to have a freedom swim with her this day without a leash was a one and only .

I loved her with my whole heart —  Love demands nothing less – and freely gives everything in return.

~ You are now truly free my friend ~






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