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A Grateful Heart   Leave a comment

Dear Lord each day I wake and profess my thanks

By habit is it now

But never let it be I pray

By rote, a box to check

And forget to thank you from my heart

For the ability to see, to hear

To wake and walk upright

To hold another’s hand

To gaze into their eyes

To thank you for our lives



Today I met a 7th Grader   Leave a comment

With compassion in his touch

He asked, “What happened to your pup?”

His skateboard took a backseat

When he saw her swollen feet

This little boy named Gary

Innocent and humble

Then offered up his number

Available for work

This isolated moment

At the end of an almost summer day

Brought us all as near to God and heaven

As one could ever come


It’s Christmas   2 comments

What Jesus said – 
I am the light of the world and hunger for your love and attention, not in the same way a flower needs the bee to take from its pollen to multiply, for I am of the Father who created all and brought it into being – illustrating interdependence as an example of your need of the Spirit.

The Spirit lives in You and will live on forever. When it grows dark, light still exists – only with the eyes of the heart can it be seen – and then it dawns upon the mortal mind that it is not alone and only exists through the Spirit.

Listen for your calling as it is meant for you to hear and to know that you are loved and surrounded by a mighty force of peace and protection – that your soul is guarded and guaranteed a place with your Creator in paradise.  

Jesus came to teach these things and to reach your heart and still your mind and overturn old ideas of a law that has passed.  A new day has come, and still is, that we have the glorious privilege to witness and embrace, to receive the love of the One who loves us more than we can fathom.

It’s Christmas all the time.


A Power Greater   3 comments

FBClouds copyEvery heart longs for love 

And desires Your approval

Yet mortality makes worthiness sometimes seem so out of reach

How can You entrust us with so much

And how can we forget Your love

And Your unfailing acceptance 

In all things You have made us

More than conquerors, You have made us

Although at times enslaved by worldly thoughts 

Ideas wrought my man and not by Spirit

Help us please to grasp the Sword of Your Spirit

That slays phantom dragons and shatters lies that no longer can consume us

Arm us to protect new seeds to grow in Your love and in Your light

One with You, worthy of kinship, and joint heirs with Jesus Christ



Give us This Day our Daily Bread and Keep me Hungry for You, oh God   Leave a comment

Life begins with hunger in a world now separated from its source

A mother gone, a world unknown

Will hunger ever cease


God is Wherever I Am   Leave a comment

Oh God I pray, whether the moon, or sun, or stars

Glisten, shine, or sparkle not

I find You in the deep, or in the dark


May Gratitude be the Start of Everyday   1 comment

Give me peace

Give me space

Give me time

To share it all with You


And if my peace is stolen

And time and space seem squeezed to naught

May I always have a storehouse of gratitude

While waiting for the tide to turn




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