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Slowing Down   Leave a comment

The train has left the station — but my mind, that is speeding forth on a faster track, has already arrived at its predetermined destination — Unable to recount where I have been the rationale disguised as truth insists — “What you’ve missed is worth the price to get where you are going.” 


It requires a necessary discipline, halting tracks to slowing down — To reconnect with the source of life, that in its disregarded elegance seems to beg for my attention. How could I give Creator and creation praise … blinded sometimes by my own intentions?

I wind down, breathless and amazed … as though it is a first. This free, most precious gift exciting senses, calming soul with Spirit’s peace — bares a beauty that abounds with seeds for endless blooming.


Faith is the Substance of Things Hoped For …   Leave a comment

It is wise to question one’s direction

And to be open for suggestions

But never leave home without a destination

For those that wander

Do get lost

And can be a hazard to those whose path they cross

Without a goal we squander opportunity

While standing still to contemplate

Choose to pray or meditate

This is productive waiting

Letting patience do her work

Setting sights with hope

To live fully in the now

Seeking Spirit’s strength to foster faith

Hope renders the potential of what promises to be

An exciting new adventure




It Depends On How You See It   2 comments

Slowly, ever so slowly

The waters begin to move

Her steam rises from the surface

Leaning closer with intrigue

The vapors caress each open pore

Without pressing for results

Just standing waiting there

Dancing waters create moments

To cherish and for prayer

Hydro cat’s-eyes turn to bubbles

Proving false the claim

That a watched pot never boils

Instead these churning waters

Gift an opportunity for patience and her myriad rewards





~ A December Day Remembered ~   Leave a comment

Attune to tides, and shifting light

All is worth recording to recall

That there was a moment

Even if only for a moment

Where peace and time stood still and paramount



Stumbling Upon Special Places   Leave a comment

Once I’ve been to a place and allow its specialness to be infused

It’s cataloged to recall at will for prayer or meditation

With imagination, even add a splash or hue


A better attitude can turn any gray day blue 


Focused   Leave a comment

Whether winged and feathered

Two legged or four

God’s creation is a constant source of inspiration 

And a place to bring attention for peace and meditation


Staying on an Even Keel   Leave a comment

The traffic jam originates in my head

When what I have to do is not prioritized instead

Some days it seems so simple to order and to manage

All the tasks that make a mountain out of my to-do’s

But first I must remember who’s in charge

To keep God first, to take a breath

And stay in my own shoes




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