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Let me mark this day as one of reckoning

Where again I turn my heart and all to God

The only One who knew who would be next to come into the Kingdom

And yes although it’s hard to believe 

A Forgiveness, and a mercy, and a grace so great 

That somehow even the perpetrator has a place 

Oh God please help me here to love with your love of this sordid human race 



Of My Own Self I Can Do Nothing   2 comments

Let’s reform our energy to create a climate that needs to change
Societal and religious thinking to be rearranged
To lift this burden and to heal the shamed
Who have been led to think that God’s to blame

This day I pray for all to be blessed
Believer, doubter, atheist, the rest
While we’re on earth, we’re on the same boat
It’s only Love that can heal us and keep us afloat
So let’s row in sync not mired in quiescence  
Love’s derivative is action; not fruitless sentiments 



What would Life be Like if All I asked for was to be Grateful   Leave a comment

I believe the lens in which I view my life would suddenly become clear


And all the colors of the earth and sky would multiply their hue


Mercy would be a welcome gift I would come to understand


For I would love more deeply those not as fortunate as I


And I would always see the beauty in each friend and passerby




When I’m More Concerned with Others I’m Free from What Ails Me   Leave a comment

Oh God, only You can make us free

From worry, fear, and anxiety

When hardship strikes

Like a thief in the night

Your Spirit is standing there

To the offender unaware

The victim, now the victor

Angels guarding, always with her


Teach me grace

That first seeks mercy

Not judgment or condemnation

How often those I see as Sprit’s enemy

Are reflecting what was, and may still be, a part of me

Oh God, this is to many, the most confounding mystery

How you raise the dead in Spirit

To be soldiers, armed as saviors, reborn in recovery






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