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Baptism Requires Getting Wet   Leave a comment

In waters deep or shallow

I pray to keep rekindling this truth

To live today and give to You tomorrow

On my own I would drown in a puddle of doubt and sorrow

But with You, my God of all things possible

We can walk on water





What’s in Your Pantry   Leave a comment

An adolescent at the kitchen table

Picking at her food

Skirts around the vegetables 

Holds out for dessert

The cook and loving caregiver finger wagging says

Don’t you know that you are what you eat

Lessons still are never ending

While appetites keep changing

Not for food or more desserts

For now she knows the mind grows on what it’s fed

A body unled by Spirit has died long before it’s dead




Wings of Prayer   Leave a comment

When I let go will you be there

When I lean in far enough to fall

Will you be there to lift me when I call

You who made us all, tethered to the earth


Except for prayers that no know bounds

And never go unheard

On wings of Angels, our plea filled words

Are carried and known before they are even uttered





Can We Bring Back the Color   Leave a comment

There is so much of me you do not see

You’re blinded by the color

The details, clear and sharp, are blurred

Like words that drunkards slur


You paint a stroke so careless and so broad

And gather all you can to self

As though there’s no one else


Changes occur so slowly; you’re too self absorbed to notice

Then like a storm of unrelenting lightning strikes

Realizations, undeniable, and frightening

The world as you once knew it

Has begun to disappear


Your hoarding, greed, and fear, and doubt

Sucked out all the color of your life

The choice is sacred, now supreme

And there’s only one to make

Will it be black — Will it be white


What you perceive as gray — is held together by grace

Like a reckless child, the rest you have erased

Only black and white remain

And that too, is fading fast


Oh God, I pray bring back the color to our world

When care-free choices once were many

I frolicked through each season

Taking for granted, there would be a next


 The evidence, the knowledge, is a stark and grievous burden

One more chance, I beg to see

To save what’s left of me

Then with hope, to save another

That we, with You, bring back to life, the wonder, and the color




One Single Grain of Sand   Leave a comment

Sometimes it seems life’s purpose is to keep pushing

The same singular grain of sand

Just one grain, meant for me, to keep my focus on

Ever pushing, ever present, on the shores of many more

Only one is mine

This single grain of sand; pressing onward, leading me to You

I know its form and every nuance, changing color, shifting shape

This single grain of sand for You

It keeps me safe and purposeful

This single grain of sand

I pray that one day it will be

A diamond that I give to thee





Gratitude is our Hallmark   Leave a comment

Thank you God for those days when winds do not prevail

And life does not deliver unexpected blows 

Moments in between premeditated moments where Peace regains Her throne


Standing at the water’s edge surrendered to the lazy rhythmic tide

Waves slowly lapping as if water could be napping

Exhausted by her storms









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