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Hello World!   3 comments

What a day!

My mom says I’ll be as big as her someday

But for now I’ll take the shadow she provides

And all that she is teaching

What to avoid and whom to trust

To learn to survive and live to thrive


New Beginnings   Leave a comment

When starting most endeavors I always ask for help

‘Oh God please bring Your Spirit here for what would be the best’

And in the end, no matter what, all will be well when the Spirit is in the mix 

This, of course, does not include our mortal vices

For example, let’s say roulette

Shortcomings and addictions I surrender to God instead 😉

However, life’s choices can be a gamble but with God there’s little risk



In Whom There is No Shadow   Leave a comment

On the day that shadows are no more

When sea and sky and ocean floor

All mingle as they’re one

And words like molecule and turpitude have no reason to exist

Will heaven home be realized

And what was, will not be missed




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