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Baptism Requires Getting Wet   Leave a comment

In waters deep or shallow

I pray to keep rekindling this truth

To live today and give to You tomorrow

On my own I would drown in a puddle of doubt and sorrow

But with You, my God of all things possible

We can walk on water





Angels on Earth   Leave a comment

The cats are getting fat

While the dogs are fighting for scraps

When I think that things just aren’t fair

I consider those unable and in despair

We may feel at times we’re fighting for scraps

Just to be heard or to be fed

As I maneuvered down the street today

Nice car, leather seats, six-speaker stereo

Hugging the curb just up ahead

A young guy, thirty-something

Had a wheelchair for his ride

I shifted in my seat

And rearranged my thinking

If there be any hunger

Let my Spirit find its fill

With a much needed dosing

A perpetual overflowing

Never ending, always willing

Never forcing, always wanting

Fruit of love and gratitude

Then, and only then

Will peace and all Her blessings flow

To fill the need of every seeking soul

Reborn, renewed, refreshed

Now enabled to be the savior we are seeking

And receive the gift of selfless giving

To be someone’s angel here on earth





A New Chapter   Leave a comment


A requiem of imaginations

Reeling from the world’s machinations

Caught up in a plot that guaranteed a happy ending


Slipping from a familiar shore

Believing to cross and suffer not

Growing stronger with each stroke


You Oh God of heaven, Oh God of earth

I know you saw me there

And hoped, did I, that You my God


Would deliver me safely to new shores

All in tact and better fit

For the course I had endured


Did I ask at anytime, Oh God if this plan of mine, is also a plan of Yours?

How often do I set about to do what I believe

But outcomes prove another end


A twisting turnabout in the mystery of life

For my Creator, our Creator

Sometimes has a different plan


My faith led me to a distant shore

Hope gave me strength to stay afloat

My expectancy still had failed


Disappointment weighed me down

Then faith and hope returned

With wisdom from above


Assuring that the only fault

Is the frailty of humanity

Relying on a vision of mortal short-sightedness


God’s plan includes us all

To bring about a healing, and a victory that still reveals

That God’s ways are incredible and indecipherably supreme


Remember and retell the story of salvation to all nations

Bringing comfort to weary souls

That will bring us to a clear new day that rings with everlasting joy


The promise of our heavenly home – and this struggling no more




When Bombarded . . .   Leave a comment

Media alerts, and each day’s chatter, mix with prayers of thanks and the many needs for all

Thoughts unknowingly, unwantedly seep deeper while we sleep

Does the vividness of dreams beckon our dissection of a possible prophetic message

Hoping for comforting assurance, and the semblance of desired truth


Seeking a life purpose will never be in vain

For the Lord of all proclaims to always guide our path

For the better part of self; the Spirit truly speaking

Engender faith and hope with all your heart for all the lives that you keep reaching







Fertile Ground   Leave a comment

We are flowers quickly fading
Often feeling heavy laden

All I need is to surrender
Knowing that Your love is sure to save me
From a disbelieving world, not knowing You

May Your love forever be

In constant bloom within my heart


Flowers Fading

Rain or Shine   Leave a comment

Some days it’s an umbrella, and others it’s shades

How blessed are we to have what we need

To praise, not complain

With the sun on our soul, or the earth turning cold

On the clearest of days, or in down-pouring  rain

We are free in the Spirit, not bound by the world

The weather within is what keeps our souls whole





Clear Purpose is What Keeps Us Aloft   Leave a comment

A good plan is like a tail wind

Bringing closer a desired destination

Preparation that considers what and whom is in our path

Adds new definition to what the world presumes to call success

But we are not of the world

Thank God we are those that strive to live aloft

Observing what is temporary

Beating wings against the force to rise and overcome 





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