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A Better View   2 comments

Oh Lord I am so blessed

More than a double rainbow

Better than a cloudless day in spring time


Let me never lose sight

Of the love in my life

My beautiful wife




Love is All We Need   4 comments

I was about to write about self-care – because today I spent more on intimate apparel than I could have ever planned.  My partner, Lisa was there to encourage me – nightwear, lingerie on sale ;), and even a bathing suit – It was so much fun, so rewarding, and I had the luxury of being fitted 😉 … Perhaps this will be a more elaborate post another day because nothing could have prepared me for the vulnerable intimacy expressed in this post by my beautiful partner, Lisa, who is on her way to being fifty and more fabulous – I am so blessed … We all deserve to be loved and to shout it from the rooftops…


From Lisa:

Day 3 on my way to ( 50 & Fabulous ) Today was a fun filled day that even included a shopping spree with Doreen! My wife! I never imagined when we met 21 years ago in a Bible Study in the East Village that we would be together never mind be legally married! I am and have been so very very blessed to share the past 20 years with this amazing beautiful woman. Only God could have knit us together in the love we know in our hearts and spirits. Through valleys and deserts, up mountain tops and over oceans, we have grown to love deeper. We fan each others flames with gentleness and patience and have never given up on our hopes. We built dreams and have embraced painful losses. 20 years this human being has loved me unconditionally. We laugh all the time till our tummy’s hurt. And oh the Mets & Jets…I could have never come to know the spiritual riches I am so filled with today if it weren’t for you Doreen. Lets keep dreaming!!


Happy Valentine’s Day   1 comment

After our December 1999 commitment ceremony in Westport, CT., we came to Provincetown to celebrate our honeymoon. Little did we know our time here would  be illuminated by the brightest, and most full moon in a thousand years –

In the eyes of God, and mine, Lisa is one in a thousand million.

~ May our hearts always have opportunity to be open to receive the love of God’s light and let it shine forth to help heal this world, and to love one another ~



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