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Faith is the Substance of Things Hoped For …   Leave a comment

It is wise to question one’s direction

And to be open for suggestions

But never leave home without a destination

For those that wander

Do get lost

And can be a hazard to those whose path they cross

Without a goal we squander opportunity

While standing still to contemplate

Choose to pray or meditate

This is productive waiting

Letting patience do her work

Setting sights with hope

To live fully in the now

Seeking Spirit’s strength to foster faith

Hope renders the potential of what promises to be

An exciting new adventure




How Will We Live Out the Rest of Our Lives   Leave a comment

Diana Nyad, (First to swim Cuba to Key West without a shark cage at age 64) – Takes her audience to the edge of not just her life, but challenges us all, to live this ‘one precious and wild life’ to the full – Had the privilege of listening to her keynote while photographing this conference a few days ago for Planetree’s Boston International Health Care Conference – (For all those in CT she’s in Wilton, CT tonight at Elm Street Books – Just released her book – Find A Way)#1 #3

One Single Grain of Sand   Leave a comment

Sometimes it seems life’s purpose is to keep pushing

The same singular grain of sand

Just one grain, meant for me, to keep my focus on

Ever pushing, ever present, on the shores of many more

Only one is mine

This single grain of sand; pressing onward, leading me to You

I know its form and every nuance, changing color, shifting shape

This single grain of sand for You

It keeps me safe and purposeful

This single grain of sand

I pray that one day it will be

A diamond that I give to thee





Late December Rose   Leave a comment


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