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God Thank you for the Further Proof of Your Existence   Leave a comment

For every living creature I have loved still is loved

Growing greater with every remembrance

May it be with Your love in me to deeply love all near to me

I pray to hold one another in the highest esteem

And when challenged by self-righteous judgment to first look in the mirror

For the prison bars of grievances to have no power

Over love that can never be hidden from your eyes

I claim this day to walk with You

To take time to embrace the beauty that can always be found when sought

For You who lives in each of us is always near

Exposing truth, expressing love, in both the obvious and sometimes mysterious

For your ways may be impervious to knowing

But we know without a doubt when You’ve been here


Unconditional Love   Leave a comment

Companions in this life

Always wait for us in the next



Who Has Been to Heaven?   1 comment

I don’t think that anyone who can remember being there, would  trade one day in heaven for a lifetime on earth


Today I commit my lifetime on earth, for that day to come, forever in heaven with You


Love like a waterfall, wash through me and find its course where You desire


Until that day I find my rest and share in love once more, with all, now home with You


My Creator, Christ, and Holy Spirit

Your light consumes and overwhelms all else



Mr. Cook   Leave a comment



How is it that this little scruffy ball of fur

So silent in his stride

Found his way into so many hearts

With no need to even try


Thank you Mr. Cook for giving us a home in your heart — Until one day we meet again – 


Mr Cook

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I Pray …   Leave a comment

Oh God, bless this food we’re about to eat

I pray, dear God, that they are also ordering for me

You, who ne’er forgets us

Let those in whom whose care I’m in

Remember me as well


Ps – I give you thanks for restaurant owners too, who understand — we all are guests —

I Pray

Farewell for now to my Best Friend … Thank God that Love will Never End   1 comment

The most beautiful sunset is setting for me

While another new sun is rising for you


Farewell my sweet Moses

I hope in dreams we visit often, until we meet again

You’ve always received love freely

And opened hearts easily

You will live always in mine



Moses Sunset

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Those Who Love Unconditionally   Leave a comment

This is Chloe.

She has been putting up a very brave fight,

more for her mom than for herself, I think.

Our pets are gifts from God whose life-spans are much shorter so they’ll be in heaven to greet us when we arrive…Aways waiting for us come home.


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