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What to Do with the News   1 comment

So let’s talk about the news

The kind you overhear or what you choose

All is, and all can be

A sacred opportunity for positivity

It is free will to walk according to The Way

To enliven our mind

To open our hearts

To raise up our voice



So, God, I pray

When I hear Your Spirit say

This is your battle to fight

This is your heart to mend

That I will respond humbly encouraged

To gratefully always say YES


For Baxter   4 comments

December 4, 2015 –

This has been a day of spiritual happenings in ways compounding one another like no other


First a miracle story of one woman unable to sleep

Tossing and turning she asked God, Why…why can’t I sleep

The answer came clear as a bell

Go tell Nina that I have a purpose for her


As soon as she was able

Which wasn’t at that momemt

For both women were in jail

She found Nina and told her God’s message


Nina could hardly believe what she heard

Only the night before feeling hopeless and helpless she had prayed

Oh God please tell me You have some purpose for me in this life

Both bonded in a way only God could design

How truly blessed am I to show up and be of service to these women

Who most of the time are of more service to me


Then on my way driving to work

Sharing this spirited morning with a friend

I heard an all too familiar thud

Turning to the left, two lanes across

A little white dog lie listless

His life immediately lost


I parked on a lawn

And left the car running

With my dog in the back

And ran to the pup and the man at his side

A woman quickly joined us

And I reached out my hands to pray

Oh God this little creature is now lifted to You

Bonded we four in this moment so close

Strangers with angels drawing so near


After tears and an embrace

We were again on our way

I was late to the store and a customer soon came

Smiling good morning I asked, How are you

She said, I just find out I’m pregnant – you’re one of the first to know


I thought of Baxter and a book that I recently read

About a dog named Enzo

Who came back as a boy




Sticking Close   Leave a comment

Oh God, why do I stray

When I know You always know the way

Leading to peace, and joy, and life

The source of strength for challenges unknown

The days of infancy are frail and vulnerable

And cannot be made alone

Now grown am I and need You still

And desire You even more

Knowing that without You near

I am still so frail and vulnerable



How to Know What’s in Our Heart   Leave a comment

~ Elephants are everywhere ~

Their cry has crossed the oceans

Piercing hearts that care worldwide

Oh God, may I seek you out continually, and always look within

With eyes to see Your glory, and Your story unfolding in the skies

Give our life a better purpose — To care for others, not just self

Before what we can see and touch, turns to vapor like the clouds






~~Prayers Always Foster Progress 😉 ~~
Petunia’s latest update due to the unparalleled love and dedication of Noah’s Ark Rescue’s medical team –
–Thank you friends for your prayers, love, and support – “We are their voice”
~Our sweet girl is doing incredible. The worst is over for her and now it is just a matter of time before all or most of her hair grows back in. All of the infected areas have dried up and she no longer has to have any more debriding sessions. It is hard to believe it has taken five weeks to get her to where she is today. She is no longer on any pain medication and her bloodwork is totally stable. Our sweet little girl is slowly blossoming into a beautiful Swan. In another month, you will not even recognize her. She will remain in the hospital to stay on top of her care to make sure she does not go backwards. She is still getting special baths every other day to keep her comfortable and is showered with unconditional love and all the hugs and kisses she can stand.

Thanks for helping us with her medical bills and being there when she needed us most. Without you, none of this would be possible. THANK-YOU from the bottom of our hearts and the bottom of sweet Petunia’s pink little toes. ~


The Power of Prayer   Leave a comment

Never discount the power of prayers

Invisible and lighter than air

They sustain the weight of all the world’s woes

Carried by Angels in Spiritual Satchels to be opened by the King


Upon the shoulders of our Creator these prayers rest

Not unanswered, or ignored

Time as we know time is not ours yet to fathom


Prayers like letters to Her Majesty

Some sealed by love; some by despair


Questions…There are many

Praise and worship, fills the satchels too

Yet spilling over are the prayers of souls who seek relief; that outnumber all the others


Tapping the storehouse of trust and faith in what will be

Pain and death still remains, a mystery




Power of Prayer

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