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Changes for the Better   Leave a comment

It won’t be long before again the seasons change

From golds and reds and faint and fading greens

I pray as well with faith and hope for change

That is evident, and always ever better




It’s Raining Pink   Leave a comment

Born to blossom

And be a part

Of a greater whole

Enriching hearts




One Single Grain of Sand   Leave a comment

Sometimes it seems life’s purpose is to keep pushing

The same singular grain of sand

Just one grain, meant for me, to keep my focus on

Ever pushing, ever present, on the shores of many more

Only one is mine

This single grain of sand; pressing onward, leading me to You

I know its form and every nuance, changing color, shifting shape

This single grain of sand for You

It keeps me safe and purposeful

This single grain of sand

I pray that one day it will be

A diamond that I give to thee





Housekeeping for the Soul   Leave a comment

Why is it so, the importance of

Identifying feelings

Like dust upon a shelf

Once noticed it is dealt with

Only for more particles to inhabit

 What we continue to try to sweep away


A never-ending round of introspection

Soul’s vigilant inspection

Calling cleaning crew

To cleanse our hearts

And make us daily, new


Housekeeping for the Soul

A Labor of Love   Leave a comment

The weeks tick by likes minutes

Mondays flying by

With recollections week to week

Strung by days that strive for next

Oh God, give rise, give cause to life

That’s here for just a song

May what I live be a melody

That for good purpose, lingers long




The Bridge   Leave a comment

From the pier I see the life
I have
And shadows of the one I’ve had
As bridal party poses

Patiently, faithfully, still wanting so much more
Trusting God for what’s in store
Retracting I acknowledge this purifying time
We simply name it; the present

Keeping post aside marina gallery with images for sale
Testing market and my wares
I meditate, take pause, and pray
With gratitude I now can say
I’ve also tried the artist’s way



Narrow is the Path   Leave a comment

I did this a while back and came across it today -

I always need reminders of what I’m here for and who I’m here for =

“Narrow is the path” is not confining, it’s freeing


Just for Today

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