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Difficult Personalities are the Scrub Brush that Attains Good Polish   2 comments

An Act of Faith   Leave a comment

Some hang on for dear life

For others, it is just a part of their life

But when what is most desired is in sight

To achieve it we must at times, completely and simply 

Release, and Let Go 


Mother Earth   4 comments

If we called it home instead of earth

Would we treat her differently



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Soul’s Need to be Nourished   Leave a comment

Acknowledging the free gifts awaiting to be recognized
Mirror a wanting soul’s thirst to be satisfied



Stretching Beyond our Comfort Zone   Leave a comment

How far we can go depends upon how far we are willing to reach –

God will always meet us where our faith takes us – 

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Proverbs 3: 5-6   Leave a comment

Even when I don’t know exactly where I’m headed

If I’m aligned with God I know I won’t regret it



Material vs. Spiritual Priorities   Leave a comment

Don’t wait until you are down to your last;

To make God first




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