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The Gift of Patience   Leave a comment

Patience is an artist, whose only brush, is time

She colors the day with faith

And with trust she fills each line


How often do we struggle 

Forcing situations, and filling empty holes

Instead of withholding and waiting

For patience to complete

What might be her greatest masterpiece


Yet while still working at her craft

With her faithful standing by  

She is forever able, and so eager to refresh us

With the gift of Spirit’s fruit filled peace



ChicagoTunnelNight Signed

When time with God is wisely spent – The return is love and confidence   Leave a comment

A shallow pounding, pulsing deep within

Clinging to a fading faith

Resisting urges to dissolve

A vulnerable soul, rekindles pain


Questions worth, and doubts one’s love

The race is on, to the distant past

Presenting proof to justify 

Conjure sleeping demons’ lies


An inner screech like humming voltage rises

The language of unrest

This twisted gift of memory

Makes of itself an enemy


Its muscles strain to reclaim thought

Rewired by Your grace

Re-sorting false impressions compounded by the past

Praying now to find You; trusting this shall pass



Having faith doesn’t mean not having fear – Often they live side by side   Leave a comment

When the only solace seems to be

The promise of a new life in eternity

When there is nothing left to lose

A true and fearless faith returns regained





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