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Receive, Retain, Release   2 comments

Thank you Lord for Your word

Your precious word that I have heard

To receive it as my own

Your word, this gift, hidden in my heart

Jealous for the day’s arrival to expound

Upon the Spirit swelling

Overflowing with great and precious promise

No mortal can alone contain

Your wisdom, comfort, love, and faith

Without expression as useless as a boat without an oar

Your voice, my rudder, Your Spirit, my oar

Becomes a mighty vessel to carry seeking souls to shore




The Seeker   3 comments

The useless, and the useful

Like souls born without opportunity

With patience become visible

For sustenance, or perhaps pleasure

To the seeker, both become a treasure




While The Day Still has Light   Leave a comment

May the time I spend in wondering be of how great, oh God, You are

And not in endless worry, or in want of what does not feed the soul

But instead I pray to draw near to You in love, and love more deeply still

To practice love of self and others

And to positively believe

That all together, all will be, for the good of a grander plan




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