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God Never Leaves me Hanging   Leave a comment

Thank you God for the many ways that you appear

The more I seek You, the more I see



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To Practice Every Day   Leave a comment

I pray to always seek You out from wherever I am

In fair weather or foul

In fear or doubt

In joy or tribulation

May You be whom I rely upon

And always remember to keep looking up




SEEKING   Leave a comment



Why do I return to seek relief

From the emptiness of a mortal cup

That leaves me always dry

Malnourished and still thirsting

A soul in constant drought


I turn to You for answers

To quench this fear, this doubt

That never will there ever be

Enough to pacify this craving


Will this quest for satisfaction ever be fulfilled

Gratitude is not lacking

Yet darkness overwhelms

Where in this world, is my place

My soul seeks purpose and relief


Please I pray, oh point the way

That leads to pleasing You

And satisfy this longing

For gifts to be released




With More than Words can Adequately Express to be Thankful For   Leave a comment

This image of Provincetown Harbor is one of my favorites. Taken just after sunrise on a not too long ago, jeweled September morning — Apropos for this Thanksgiving Day; the place where the Pilgrims first landed. Provincetown has been an inspiration to me and countless others all those years since the Mayflower made its way to its shore. There is an engraved plaque in the woodland near Pilgrim Heights that stands next to a babbling brook to mark the spot where the first settlers at last, finally found fresh drinking water. The plaque reads “…. And they were heartily glad” — The scene I picture is these ragged travel worn settlers on their knees refreshed and renewed by  their life-giving drink and saying in their heartily glad words…Thank you God! 😉

My prayer of thanks for this day:

 Lord You refresh my faith

And make me new, day by day

Each day different than the next

Thank you that You are here to lean upon

A place of endless rest

Oh why do I waver so

And worry endlessly

When you, at the right time, answer my prayers constantly

Refashioning my doubt and fears

To become tools to help another

I see this all so clear in hindsight

So I thank you God for your grace

You who are here and now, and promise life forever

You whose hand has formed me

First from earth’s soil, to be born in body and soul

Your miracles and love are never ending

And You remain a constant source of strength

Like rushing mountain water falling

You soothe my soul in darkened days of wavering faith

Preparing me to be born yet again like a new sun rising

Feeding me with hope anew




Oh Lord, To You I Surrender   Leave a comment

Do I steer my will away from Yours?

Guide, direct, so I might  be at peace with You

You, who is all in all, and all I surely know


This is the greatest truth

You are the great I AM

Creator God above all most high

It is to You I cry for help and understanding

My hope lies with you


My heart cries like the strings of violins

That solemnly vibrate at the stroke of the musicians bow

We sing and we weep for You

To hear us and know our song

It Is for You, and only You


My heart is heavy laden with

The trust You placed in me

To speak Your truth and share Your love

In spite of my own plans and fears

I offer You my truth with tears

Please wipe away all that would keep me from deepening my love for You




Answering the Call to Wake   Leave a comment

The moon shone bright into my eyes coaxing me to wake

I turned to the shadows to deny its call

Insisting it’s not time

She persisted, relentless, against my resistance

What choice had I

To lay and wonder was useless

The Spirit’s composition of this new day has already begun

Awake now, so grateful, for what God through Christ has done




I’m Holding On to You   Leave a comment

In the middle of the night

When courage has taken flight

I’m holding on to You


When there’s nothing left to bemoan

And I am standing all alone

I’ll be here holding on – holding on to You


In darkness I seek Your face

I’m fighting for more faith

With all that I’ve got – I’m holding on to You


When darkness turns to light

And I’ve made it through the night

I’ll cling to precious peace – by holding on to You


I’ll use this day, like it’s my last

I’ll seek You in the day, not just in the night

With hands and open heart


Speak Your truth from mountains high, not just whispers deep inside

Your purposes made known

Proving we are not alone


I stand – Holding on to You

I pray – Holding on to You

I love – Holding on to You

I'm Holding On to You

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