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What it Takes to Keep Ducks in a Row   2 comments

Oh God you have been my go to — in between and during — all of this life’s demands 
And now I find myself discontent while searching emails, browsing Facebook, Instagram, or text
How quickly … how quickly … how quickly I suddenly forget
That the info that I need to look for are the messages from You
The Holy Spirit that guides all that I seek to know and need to follow
The wonder you have bestowed in nature … here and now before me … almost begging to be seen and be acknowledged 
And above all, with gratitude aplenty, be a vessel overflowing faith and love and peace that comes from simply seeking You


If I Could Fly   Leave a comment

If I could fly to the sun 

I would wing my way and never return

In the center there I know would be

The heart of God that waits for me

But too soon it is for this ascent

I’ll settle instead for the daystar rising

And be thankful for the knowledge of

The immeasurable depth and breadth of my Creator’s love


FBFly Away

What would Life be Like if All I asked for was to be Grateful   Leave a comment

I believe the lens in which I view my life would suddenly become clear


And all the colors of the earth and sky would multiply their hue


Mercy would be a welcome gift I would come to understand


For I would love more deeply those not as fortunate as I


And I would always see the beauty in each friend and passerby




To Practice Every Day   Leave a comment

I pray to always seek You out from wherever I am

In fair weather or foul

In fear or doubt

In joy or tribulation

May You be whom I rely upon

And always remember to keep looking up




SEEKING   Leave a comment



Why do I return to seek relief

From the emptiness of a mortal cup

That leaves me always dry

Malnourished and still thirsting

A soul in constant drought


I turn to You for answers

To quench this fear, this doubt

That never will there ever be

Enough to pacify this craving


Will this quest for satisfaction ever be fulfilled

Gratitude is not lacking

Yet darkness overwhelms

Where in this world, is my place

My soul seeks purpose and relief


Please I pray, oh point the way

That leads to pleasing You

And satisfy this longing

For gifts to be released




No love will we ever know as great as God’s for us – This gift to assuage the trials of this life   Leave a comment

In Your Spirit eyes that seek me out I see myself

As a tear about to fall

Enough to flood the earth




For Those who Seek the Spirit More will be Revealed   Leave a comment

    In my early waking moments today I made a particularly conscious prayer – to be kind – Kindness is one of the nine fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22) which I needed to ripen after snapping at my partner the night before and being downright cranky.

    I could have prayed for patience, compassion, renewed energy – all of which I needed – but the prayer was simply, “Help me to be kind.”

    About an hour later I was getting ready for the day and to face the world again. Part of my daily routine is to choose a scroll from our scripture box of over a hundred tightly rolled verses that feed my heart, and soul, and mind everyday. This is the one I was led to select. The specificity of the Spirit’s response to my prayer in this verse bolstered my faith, which I pray often, for God to increase.

    I am continuously amazed by the countless evidence of God’s presence, love, and infinite kindness toward all those who seek to know the ways of the Spirit.





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