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The Truth Does Set Us Free   1 comment

I pray this podcast helps to heal and shed light on a subject society is still so uncomfortable with … 

Thanking God for the truth that does set us free …

No Regrets, Only Gratitude   Leave a comment

When I consider where I’ve come from – my background and history – it is truly miraculous that today I have been elected to be a member on the Advisory Board for the Children’s Cove of Cape Cod and the Islands – – the foremost advocacy center for ensuring the comprehensive care of child victims of sexual abuse/serious physical abuse.


When I first began to write my own story as a memoir, “Without Faith,” – – it was a calling that gnawed at me until I finally put pen to paper – Finally, I see that all  I have survived, and all that I have done up to now, is for good purpose – to help another.   Everything feels as if it was meant to be – God’s ways are truly a mystery to me – but that God exists, and loves us more than we could ever comprehend is no mystery to me at all.



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Taking a Stand   1 comment

And what of those who cannot speak–
Engulfed by fear, ensnared by shame–
Or thinking that they were to blame–
The truth we know will set us free–
It can alter our future society–
How could one turn away as blind–
These children are yours; these children are mine–



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