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Advent’s Light Beyond the Darkness   Leave a comment

Oh Morning Sun, shine upon this soul

Rise up, abort the lingering shadows

Exchanging light with hope

Refine the ragged edges of my faith

Or cast your shadow long

That I might have a path to follow

To search You out beyond the darkness

 As one drowning

Desperate to surface

Your light, my life

Your love, the air I need to breathe

May I embrace the day, though suffering

To know there is an end

Reach out to save this soul

Sunken deep in hibernation

Where oh God is our connection

Is this the shadow time of waiting

To ponder what comes next

Anticipating and remembering

Your Son once born to earth?

Please revive within this soul

Christ Jesus’ love and spirit

New life, to give it purpose






When I am emptied of my ways and wants – Peace finds at last, its place to rest   Leave a comment

Oh God — My God – to whom I call

Creator of us All

Whose mercy knows no bounds

Whose ways I may never know but somehow understand

In silence, Your mysteries were revealed by the Spirit present at my birth

Released with the waters that fell me to this earth

With You there is no edge, no end

When I think I have exhausted all

To the extent that I might perish

There comes the dawn and then another

Whisper from Spirit to follow





Housekeeping for the Soul   Leave a comment

Why is it so, the importance of

Identifying feelings

Like dust upon a shelf

Once noticed it is dealt with

Only for more particles to inhabit

 What we continue to try to sweep away


A never-ending round of introspection

Soul’s vigilant inspection

Calling cleaning crew

To cleanse our hearts

And make us daily, new


Housekeeping for the Soul

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