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Baptism Requires Getting Wet   Leave a comment

In waters deep or shallow

I pray to keep rekindling this truth

To live today and give to You tomorrow

On my own I would drown in a puddle of doubt and sorrow

But with You, my God of all things possible

We can walk on water





When   Leave a comment

Your earth, Your creatures, like a broken toy
Discarded in the quest for more

One day You promise to return
Oh God, how long before we learn
That love and faith cannot be kept to self in silence
Waiting for that day

Heart of conscience awaken 
Before the judgement day
So when asked, what did you do
I’ll know what I can say



Grateful   Leave a comment

When I seek you – You are there

In ways mysterious yet obvious

Your Spirit prompts my heart to open

And there You always are to enter





FBSailboat copy

December Rising   2 comments

Freezing faster into darker days 
Oh light of sun at last find grace 
To share with you the birth of dawn
Fleeting fast yet here and now 
Find me where I am 
Stretching forth to reach you
In this frozen morning 
Still I I feel your warmth


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