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Things to Look Forward To and Their Importance   Leave a comment

The day began with vast to-do’s 

And decisions hard to make

But at the end I knew there’d be

A planned reward to look forward to 

And with God’s help, it’s often all we need to stay afloat



Dux in a Reaux   2 comments

Thank you God for nature 

That models what to do

When things are in good order

Chaos falls away

Peace returns, and calm prevails

If only for a while 

I’ll remember what it’s like

To know that I can live in harmony

And choose a better life




May Gratitude be the Start of Everyday   1 comment

Give me peace

Give me space

Give me time

To share it all with You


And if my peace is stolen

And time and space seem squeezed to naught

May I always have a storehouse of gratitude

While waiting for the tide to turn




Making it Count   Leave a comment

Today at the gym I only wanted to hurry up and get my work out done — until I remembered what I was there for — To become healthier and better fit.

If I was to cut a corner – who would lose out?

Suddenly I became aware, that as always, I was not alone.

Pretending to be in a contest, I fixed my form, imagining that God was watching me, (and of course this was true).   With earnest intention, balanced in a yoga pose as though I were a mighty tree standing in a forest, I said humbly from within, “Oh God, pick me.”

 ~~Today I had a very good workout and an even better work-in 😉 ~~








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