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A LEAP OF FAITH   Leave a comment

While cranking up the patio umbrella

Preparing for a brand new day

I found an unexpected friend was waiting there

Oftentimes her message represents

It’s time to take a leap

As was the case when first discovered

For that’s exactly what I did

She posed just long enough for us to get acquainted

Reminding me that I am not alone

And with God’s help we are all equipped

To always find our way

An umbrella for shelter

The ability to forage for our needs and even our desires

To be appreciated by another

And always to be ready

To take a leap of faith



The Power of Pause   Leave a comment

All actions initiated from a place of peace are more likely to engender desired results –

An Everyday Necessity   Leave a comment

Peace and Love . . . 

It’s that time of year

What time is that you say

It is now; it is always

It is our weapon against war

It is our agent for all disease

It is what wakes us up

And gives us pause

Not to rise up in rebuke

Not to lay down in denial

Not to lie, but to edify

And only when the Spirit says it’s called for




Praise   Leave a comment

Thank you God – Thank you Jesus – Thank you Holy Spirit

For Your Life in mine

Make it Shine

I pray …. Make it shine

Like rain from Heaven

Soak us with Your Love 


To Be Free   Leave a comment

The rain effects us all

For some it’s joy and others sorrow

Rain produces crops but also mold

Life goes on and yet I know

To live with God in mind and heart

Promises a life beyond what one ever could imagine

Ps – After our photo session this little guy found his way back to the garden and to freedom 😉


Beef and Petunia   Leave a comment

If only common sense was as good as their scents

There’d probably be more peace and far less arguments

But we too have a nose that knows 

When we use the Spirit’s gift of discernment

1 John 4:1


Beef & Petunia

Breaking Free from Frozen   Leave a comment

Breaking Free from FrozenFB

Whether winter’s fleeting light

Long lasting nights

Or sudden frights

Nothing will there ever be that keeps Your love from me

The fire in the skies above

The stars that pierce the blackness of the night

Reveal your plan and majesty

I’ll sit and wait and watch and pray

Let night, its cold and biting winds

Know soon its day is done

Heaven knows this soon will end

Not only with the birth of Spring

But with a bright and never-ending day

A new world for eternity to come


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