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The Sky is the Limit   2 comments



Not even the grandest of winged creations can fly

    Without first spreading their wings to try



Clear Purpose is What Keeps Us Aloft   Leave a comment

A good plan is like a tail wind

Bringing closer a desired destination

Preparation that considers what and whom is in our path

Adds new definition to what the world presumes to call success

But we are not of the world

Thank God we are those that strive to live aloft

Observing what is temporary

Beating wings against the force to rise and overcome 





What Do We Value Most   Leave a comment

Today I went to the mailbox and there were only these two pieces of mail.

Are you ready? I am … I’m listening …  😉

photo copyphoto

Late December Rose   Leave a comment


Posted December 28, 2012 by doreenbirdsell in Spiritual Impressions

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