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I asked God where have You been
That I cannot see and cannot hear

In surrender the answer came to me

Asking with Your mind
Is not how our thoughts align

Your heart holds the key
To open communication between you and Me

Do not squander free will for worldly ends
For this world and its corruption will surely end

Seek with your whole heart what cannot die

Love is the beginning 
Love has no end


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There is nothing on this earth or in what we call universe or multiverse

Where You are not

Like smoke and embers rising from the fires of an almighty molten core 

Or the mist that covers the earth each new morning born from the waterfall of Your love

Everywhere and in everything You are

The smoke of your fires seep under the sill of my door

Its threshold useless to prevent You

Sitting here, waiting, knowing You are here

You cover me in a blanket warm

Surround me with Your love

Your Spirit a refreshing mist

Bathes me, washes over me

Caught between what is mortal and immortal

I observe the surrendering of self to Thee

Understanding that free will is necessary

To bow in complete surrender

For all that You require

Is a free will offering

Of my love and my desire




Representing Placid Waters   Leave a comment

I believe that peace is a choice 

Some things are worth fighting for 

Like defending the voiceless and the young

But the majority of the time my thoughts can be wasted

On things that have not even been done

But only conjured by a worrisome idea

May faith be the blanket that shields me from ill thoughts

To be a beacon for the one who’s seeking shelter

A place to find true rest  


Things to Look Forward To and Their Importance   Leave a comment

The day began with vast to-do’s 

And decisions hard to make

But at the end I knew there’d be

A planned reward to look forward to 

And with God’s help, it’s often all we need to stay afloat



Oh Lord, To You I Surrender   Leave a comment

Do I steer my will away from Yours?

Guide, direct, so I might  be at peace with You

You, who is all in all, and all I surely know


This is the greatest truth

You are the great I AM

Creator God above all most high

It is to You I cry for help and understanding

My hope lies with you


My heart cries like the strings of violins

That solemnly vibrate at the stroke of the musicians bow

We sing and we weep for You

To hear us and know our song

It Is for You, and only You


My heart is heavy laden with

The trust You placed in me

To speak Your truth and share Your love

In spite of my own plans and fears

I offer You my truth with tears

Please wipe away all that would keep me from deepening my love for You




Surrender to Win   Leave a comment

My head aches

My heart breaks

How much more of this

Can I take

You sleep

You wake

I weep

When you take

My time

My life

My energy

All we want is, to be free

You say, You love

And pray to God above

How long

Can I wait

Oh Lord, You say

You’re not late

I’ll wait, I’ll give, I’ll live

Even when my heart breaks

I know, You give

You live to love

And wait for me above

To see

To know

Your time

Is right

All I need is to give up

My fear, my fight

Your peace will enter

When I just Surrender




In the Arms of Angels   Leave a comment


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