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What to Do with the News   1 comment

So let’s talk about the news

The kind you overhear or what you choose

All is, and all can be

A sacred opportunity for positivity

It is free will to walk according to The Way

To enliven our mind

To open our hearts

To raise up our voice



So, God, I pray

When I hear Your Spirit say

This is your battle to fight

This is your heart to mend

That I will respond humbly encouraged

To gratefully always say YES


Of My Own Self I Can Do Nothing   2 comments

Let’s reform our energy to create a climate that needs to change
Societal and religious thinking to be rearranged
To lift this burden and to heal the shamed
Who have been led to think that God’s to blame

This day I pray for all to be blessed
Believer, doubter, atheist, the rest
While we’re on earth, we’re on the same boat
It’s only Love that can heal us and keep us afloat
So let’s row in sync not mired in quiescence  
Love’s derivative is action; not fruitless sentiments 



Releasing Potential   Leave a comment

When we’re willing to go to any lengths

There’s no telling how far that can be until we try

The other option is to sit idle and wonder, and wait to die



Any Lengths

“Think Occasionally of the Suffering of Which You Spare Yourself the Sight – Albert Schweitzer   Leave a comment

This Monday, October 13, at 9am I’ll be speaking at the Planetree Conference in support of animal rights — and the importance of our all taking a part as rescuers — The animal kingdom has even begun to speak to me in dreams. Last night I dreamed of a dolphin. It was so vivid, I woke up crying — Their crisis is inflicted by human hands and we can do something to help them — In so doing, we rescue ourselves …

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