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Purpose   2 comments

I wake up each day and remind myself to say “thank you”

Thank you to God, to Life, to Love

For all the reasons worth living for

For the gifts indwelling

Some mined and some yet to find

Discovery is an ever-evolving process

Of who we are or what we may name as meant to be

What, Oh God, do you have in mind for me

Your gifts are many

Your love is born in each and every one of yours

But first I find I must trust

To be vulnerable enough to let go of my will

And invite you into my heart each day

At first awakening with ‘Thank you’

That opens the door of my heart

To hear your reply

My child so sweet and dear and forever mine

Please know how much I love you

And how much I desire to be loved and trusted by you






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Growing Closer to God   2 comments

Oh Lord I Pray

That while I feel as though sometimes confined within the bud

I trust in You with all my heart and incline to you my ear

To listen with faithful waiting

Ever ready for when You call

Without sight of what tomorrow holds

I trust that You are near

And thank You for a glimpse of Your presence here



Trust …. with your whole heart – not part – but all   1 comment

… and He will direct your path …

Proverbs 3:5,6FB

The Sky is the Limit   2 comments



Not even the grandest of winged creations can fly

    Without first spreading their wings to try



Finally Landing   Leave a comment

Making a landing can be smooth or rough

Dependent on how you plan

First chart a course

Then pack a lot of prayer


Oh God, you are my wind to lift

To determine my ascent

But more important is when I land

With faith and trust that You are always there






Seeing Clearly   Leave a comment

We bend your light and strip the color

And blur the good You have created

When what we see, or what we do

Is not measured by Your love


Thank you God,  for Your love that overflows

And that all are invited to be refreshed and be renewed




Grateful   Leave a comment

When I seek you – You are there

In ways mysterious yet obvious

Your Spirit prompts my heart to open

And there You always are to enter





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