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While I am waiting I will stay as busy as can be

I’ll stay and wait

Or stand and wait

Or walk then run then sit again

And sleep and eat between

Maybe write a book

Or see a picture I can snap

I’ll take a course

Learn something new

But all the while be waiting

I’ll not forget to pray

And remember to acknowledge

That while I wait I’m not alone

And although I cannot live tomorrow

To hold it in my memory

For tomorrow lives somehow within

Of the promise of what’s to come

While I live this day with gratitude busily awaiting



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Only this morning, when I asked my partner to change the morning music she had selected to something more upbeat – she suggested that I should meditate more 😉

Little did she know that this was what I had been writing:


More time in life is spent on waiting

What and when to choose or change

Resisting conscious slumber

We are not the walking dead


Spirit sleeping not, awakes

Opportunity to take

How would I know

When it’s time to go

And not procrastinate


But hurry up and meditate

Listening fast and moving slow

For God will always let me know

With whom, and when, and where to go




While I'm WaitingSigned

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