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Free Will and Why we Need to Maintain a Spiritual Connection   1 comment

If the road we were to walk was mapped and made very clear

Our human nature, and our mortal minds, would find a way to veer





A Deux   Leave a comment

We may not always see things quite the same

But when we live committed

To the good, the right, and true

The roads we take that differ

Will always lead to home


The power of two offers a different view

Standing separate yet together

To achieve what they believe

In love to live for the good, the right, and true



A deux

Being Made Whole   Leave a comment

I need connection Lord

Not with fancy words or rhyming wit

But heart to heart, with you as One

In the Center of my life


Streaming down Your love for all

I love You God – You love me Too

Why do I always think

There is something I must do


Help me to find rest in Your bosom soon

For when I sit outside this busy room

With so much there seems to do

Let me not forget that it’s You who goes wherever I go too


Guiding me, enlightening

Preparing the path that I must walk

Willingly I walk with You

Always by my side


I love You Lord – You made me whole

Once so fragmented was my soul

Put back together piece by piece

By every lesson learned


Problems are not something from which to run

But rather to embrace

Life is not a race

Your refining never ends


I pray that I might shed self-will and shine

Bright as Your morning sun

Acceptable in your sight

And be with you as One



Being Made Whole

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