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Only the Heart Can See Clearly   Leave a comment

Sometimes what we’re seeking is right before our eyes

We get so blinded by how we think it should appear

That if we are not careful, it might just pass us by


Come Fly with Me   Leave a comment

 My hands, my heart, a camera, and letters from A to Z

Tools for you to use in me to craft a work for Thee –

Not caring about what others think gives me freedom to be me

Yet judging self stands to be more oppressive than earth’s gravity


When I believe in You, and not the whisperings of  ‘You are lesser than’ lies

It is as if You’ve hoisted me upon Your wings to fly

To not avoid this world’s realities but to give me a better view




December 16, 2006   1 comment

December 16, 2006
– The most important document in my files –
At first meeting I thought you might be with me for just a while
Great friends, loving God, and each other
But God had bigger plans
For which I am grateful for in ways that words could never tell
But I will at least try and publicize
For all the world to know – ‘I love you
You are beautiful in kindness of heart, and in body and soul my Lisa Feistel’
…. I do 😉

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